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Hamburger Helpers is the first segment of episode 6 of The New Archies and the 11th episode of the series. In aired on October 17th, 1987, on NBC.


Believing that Jughead has no willpower for his love of Hamburgers, Veronica bet him that if he can go a whole week without eating any burgers, then she'll treat him to all he can eat for the whole day, but can Jughead actually pull it off?

Full Story[]

The episode begins when Betty, Jughead and Veronica are walking to Pop's Video Cafe for lunch and Betty and Jughead argued that Jughead just can eat only Hamburgers his whole life, but he refuses to listen to her. Just then Archie and Reggie arrived as Archie revealed that he finished his skateboard that he was making for months. After showing up some cool tricks, Reggie attempted to do some cool tricks too but Archie and the others didn't see it as they all entered Pop's Video Cafe.

As they sat in their booth, As the other were about to eat their food (Betty and Veronica with Salads and Archie and Reggie with sandwiches) Jughead refuse to eat any other food and began to eat his burger, but Veronica stopped him and made him a bet; if he can go one whole week without eating a single burger, then she'll treat him to all he can eat for a whole day and upon hearing that, Reggie thinks that Jughead wouldn't make it through the week but Archie thinks he could and Reggie made a side bet with Archie that if Jughead doesn't last the week, then Archie must give up his skateboard but if he does then Reggie will give him his month allowance. Archie then took the deal as Jughead also started his bet. We then cut to later that night as Jughead made it through the first day and now has six more to go.

Later in school in Miss Grundy classroom, Jughead tries to do his test but got distracted by a fellow student's lunch bag, mistaking it for a hamburger and tries to steal it, only to get in trouble, which resulted in him staying after school and writing on the blackboard. At the same time, Archie and Betty realize that Jughead won't make it to the end and decide to help him get through the week. Cut to three days later at the lodge's residences where Reggie and Veronica are playing tennis as Reggie told Veronica that Jughead has made it to the third day of the bet with help of Betty and Archie. Realizing that she might go broke, Veronica decides to have Reggie play dirty to win the bet and not lose her money.

On the fourth day, Reggie followed Jughead to Pop's Video Cafe where Reggie invited him to have lunch and told him he can eat anything else besides Hamburger. Inside Reggie had a Hamburger while Jughead has Rice and Carrots. As Jughead is crying, Reggie makes an excuse to make a call, leaving his hamburger in front of Jughead but as Jughead was about to eat it, Betty stopped him and threw the burger at him. Back at Veronia's home Veronica (now more upset) decide to take it up a bit and make sure that Jughead would lose.

On the seventh day of the bet, with less than an hour to go, Jughead get a call from Veronica who inform him that since he made it this far, she wants him to come to her home so they can take a limo to Pop's Video Cafe. Meanwhile Archie and Betty hear Veronica's voice from a far and thinks she's in trouble and run towards it, only to learn that it was a tape player and discovered they were tricked and headed to The Lodge's home. At Veronica's home Archie and Betty tries to get to through the gate but can't due to Veronica's Guard Dog blocking the path. Inside the house, Veronica tricked Jughead into a room with a plate full of Hamburgers as as he only has a few minutes left for the bet.

Back outside, Archie had his dog Red distract the Guard Dog as he, Betty, Moose and Armani all rush in but is unable to open the door. Moose tries to break down the door but Smithers opened it just in time and all of the kids arrived. As 4:00 hit, Veronica then said that Jughead is in the dinning room with the plate of burgers, thinking she won but to her shock, Jughead arrived with the plate of uneaten hamburgers, meaning he won the bet. Jughead then asked Smither for the Limo as he now plans to go to Pop's Video Cafe and have all the burgers he can eat with Veronica treating him.

At the cafe, As Jughead is eating hamburgers, he revealed that this was all thanks to Reggie (which shocked Archie and Betty) as if it wasn't for him scheming Archie out of his skateboard, he wouldn't have the willpower to resist his urges. As Veronica is angry at Reggie, Jughead continues to eat more burger, resulted in Veronica now owing three months worth of allowances to pay her tab. At the same time Reggie must now give his whole months allowance with Archie (via by Moose) as the episode end with Veronica dragging Reggie out of the cafe.