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Archie's Weird Mysteries
Season 1, Episode 4
Invisible Archie Intro
Episode Information
Air date October 23, 1999
Chris Lundquist Jughead
Camille Schmidt Veronica
Andrew Rannells Archie
Paul Sosso Reggie
Danielle Young Betty
Ben Beck Dilton
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Me! Me! Me!
Attack of the 50 foot Veronica

This was the 4th episode of Archie's Weird Mysteries.


Archie and Reggie are unhappy with Betty and Veronica's new muscle-bound interest Robbie Dobkins. Reggie suggests that they use Dilton's new physique enhancing formula on themselves. Instead of the desired result, they both turn invisible!


At the Riverdale High track, Reggie and Archie watch Betty and Veronica run by them and each thinks they made the better impression on the girls. Archie does a practice pole vault successfully but Reggie points out the girls are not watching them but the muscular Robbie Dobkins, star of the high school track team whose rise led to Reggie being dropped from the team. Reggie states that a jock like Robbie makes people like him and Archie invisible .

Later, in the lab, Archie and Reggie think Betty and Veronica will be their lab partners but see the two girls are far more interested in being partnered with Robbie.

Elsewhere in the lab, Dilton shows Reggie and Archie a formula he is developing that, upon a single application, will enhance the physique of the subject. Dilton applies a dose to a lizard and it grows bigger and more muscular a second or so later. Archie asks how long it lasts and Dilton says he figures a subject will revert back to normal after a few hours. Reggie offers to buy a dose of the formula for himself but Dilton declines and says the formula hasn't been tested on humans as of yet and could have unforeseen results.

The three head off for class but Reggie sneaks back and tries to steal the formula. However, Archie catches him and demands that Reggie put the flask back. The two struggle and the formula winds up splashed on both of hem but there are no noticeable effects.

Archie and Reggie head off in separate directions for class but Archie starts to feel a little strange and goes into a washroom. To Archie's shock, he sees his body becoming invisible in a bathroom mirror. Meanwhile, Reggie starts to feel woozy and becomes completely invisible but is unaware of this fact. Reggie greets Veronica and Moose as they pass by and is puzzled when neither one seems to notice him.

Back in the lab, Dilton discovers some of his formula is missing just before Archie enters and asks Dilton to make him visible again.

Meanwhile, Reggie is in Miss Grundy's class and soon realizes that he is invisible and resolves to use his invisibility to do anything he wants.

Citing the possibility that Archie and Reggie could fade completely out of existence completely in a matter of hours from exposure to the formula, Dilton works on an antidote while Archie, wearing clothes to hide his invisibility, heads off to find Reggie.

Miss Grundy's class is being interrupted by the actions of an invisible Reggie. Reggie dashes out and Archie goes to follow him but Mr. Weatherbee stops Archie in the hallway and makes come to the office for detention for failure to having a hall pass.

Outside the school, Reggie gets Robbie soaked with a water fountain before heading over to the track where a track meet is about to start. Reggie tries to secretly trip Robbie by tying his shoelaces together but the prank fails.

Archie eventually manages to slip out of Weatherbee's office and heads to the lab, where Dilton gets him to try the antidote he's made. Archie splashes the substance on himself and becomes visible again and thinks he knows where Reggie is currently located.

Archie and Dilton head to the track and with little time left to try and find Reggie, they solve the problem by adding the antidote to the sprinkler system and turning it on. A few moments later, the sprinklers turn on and everybody is soaked with Reggie becoming visible again. However, Reggie is unaware that he is visible once again and tries to prank Robbie by pulling down his shorts but Robbie grabs hold of Reggie and punches can be heard off-screen.