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Forsythia "Jellybean" Jones is a recent addition to the Archie comics continuity. During the 1990s an attempt to reinvent Jughead Jones's character was started through a story in which Jughead's mother unexpectedly becomes pregnant. This was published in a special storyline called "Jughead's Baby Tales". The story climaxed with Jellybean's birth in Jughead #50.

Jellybean was officially named Forsythia after her older brother, whose real name is Forsythe. Jughead dislikes the name in any form, and continues the family tradition of referring to the person only by his/her nickname by calling the baby "Jellybean". This name came from the type of truck that crashed and caused the traffic jam in which she was born. The name also probably stems from Jughead's fabled love of food. To Reggie Mantle, whenever he mentions Jellybean's real name, "Forsythia", some kind of disaster happened to him, like his car being towed, or him slipping on a can, injuring himself, or most notably, being carried away by an elephant from the circus. Despite this, Reggie did receive a short ego boost when Jellybean said her first word, which was veggie, and Jughead and his friends thought it was Reggie leaving Jughead to think that Jellybean would become a carbon copy of Reggie.

Like her brother, she knows whom she can trust and whom she cannot. For example, she gets along with some of her brother's friends, like Archie Andrews, her brother's best friend, but she doesn't trust his girlfriend, Veronica Lodge, as far as she could throw her. In fact, Jellybean can't stand Veronica, because usually she will use Jellybean to score points with boys, or to build up her own ego; both situations which annoy Jughead. In fact, Veronica had used Jellybean to impress a male nanny, but he, as well as Jughead, saw right through the scheme and walked out on Veronica. However, Jellybean and Veronica have become friends. It is revealed Jellybean's initial dislike of Veronica came from Jughead, who encouraged Jellybean to antagonize Veronica.[1] In another story, Jellybean and Veronica spend too much time together, leading the Joneses to try to separate them.[2]

In a story called "Picture This", during a trip to the mall with Betty, Veronica wanted to have Jellybean taken to a photo studio (similar to Glamour Shots). Betty wasn't sure that Jellybean's parents would approve of it, but Veronica thought no harm would be done (but she sent Betty to the other side of the mall, while she put her scheme into action) and Betty finally relented after seeing the pics, which were adorable. However, this was revealed to be yet another ego stroking plot to build Veronica up. Her scheme backfired when Jellybean was featured in the sign's picture, but not Veronica, which sent her, not surprisingly, into a temper tantrum. She demanded to be in the display, punctuating her demand by screaming that "A Lodge is NEVER cropped from a photo!" Her picture was put up, but it was a picture taken while she was throwing her tantrum, next to a sign that said "Satisfaction guaranteed or your money back"!

Jughead adores his sister, one of the few females, aside from his mother, his grandmother and aunts, Betty, Miss Grundy or Miss Beazly, that he can live with. Jellybean also loves Jughead very much. Her favorite thing is one of Jughead's old beanies, that she can't go anywhere without. Another one of her favorite things is a recalled toy, although unseen, called Trevor the Too-Too Train, an obvious parody of Thomas the Tank Engine, which was recalled due to having too many small parts (this story was printed years before the 2007 Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends toy recall).

She only occasionally appears in the stories and obviously conflicts with reprints of earlier stories stating or implying that Jughead is an only child. Her communication is expressed to the reader through thought balloons, though no one can understand her. Some later stories have Jellybean speaking short sentences. One story that focuses on their parent's date from hell, Jellybean exclaims that her parents are "kissing," and later, "not kissing." Jughead is the babysitter in the story.

Jughead and Jellybean are unusual in the Archie world in that they are two of the few characters who are not "only children". Besides the Jones family, only Betty Cooper and Cheryl Blossom have siblings. Betty often baby-sits her with Jughead.



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