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Appearing in "Play Gypsy/Dance Gypsy"Edit

Synopsis for "Play Gypsy/Dance Gypsy"Edit

Josie and her friends are planning to set up a gypsy fortune-teller booth at the school fair. Melody peers into a crystal ball and is actually able to predict the future; a troupe of real gypsies confront her about being a fake gypsy, but then kidnap her for her psychic ability. Her friends save her, speeding away and jumping over a river while the Gypsy caravan gets waterlogged.

Appearing in "The Actress/Box Seat"Edit

Synopsis for "The Actress/Box Seat"Edit

Josie and her friends have gotten Mr. Tuttle a cake for his anniversary party; Melody keeps him distracted by pretending to be in distress, claiming she's randomly practicing her acting. Albert and Alex steal the cake box; Melody gets it back, but accidentally spills it, causing Mr. Tuttle to slip and fall into it.


This issue includes a brief biography of Alexander Graham Bell.


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