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Appearing in "Nightmare Valley"Edit

Synopsis for "Nightmare Valley"Edit

Alexander invites Josie and the others on a trip through the desert to test out his father's mobile camper. The get caught in a twister and blown into an American Space Authority simulated planet training area. They quickly encounter strange robots that look like extraterrestrials and a lake made from gelatin. Meanwhile, the military is pursuing them to rescue them/keep the project a secret. The teens enter a cave where they are rendered unconscious by gases. The military retrieves them and puts them back in their vehicle on the highway; when they wake up, they rush to tell each other their strange dream, but argue over who should tell theirs first and so wind up keeping them all to themselves.

Appearing in "Teen Queen"Edit

Synopsis for "Teen Queen"Edit

Josie's going to be crowned queen of the junior class, but she's too giddy over Albert and his singing to make a proper speech, so she keeps speaking in rhyme. Pepper enlists Melody to seduce Albert so Josie will get jealous, but Albert doesn't go for it. They enlist Alexander to tie Albert to a tree; Josie thinks he stood her up for her coronation and stops rhyming. However, Albert manages to uproot the tree and make his way to the school, causing Josie to become happy and rhyming once again.


This issue includes a brief article on obtaining a dog for a family.


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