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Josie Vol 1 16
Frank Doyle
Rudy Lapick
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Josie #17

Appearing in "Dig We Must"Edit

Synopsis for "Dig We Must"Edit

The girls spy on Albert and witness him burying his guitar. He's then attacked by two thugs; the girls save him, but Albert won't explain what's going on. They decide to investigate by digging up his guitar; the thugs chase them, but the girls give them the slip. They dig up the guitar and find a pearl necklace inside. They confront Albert, who confesses that two men tossed it into his guitar while running from the police; he buried the guitar so the thugs wouldn't find him. The thugs catch them and make them lead them to the burial spot; they jump in the hole and crash through to the cave below. The teens contact the police and have them arrested when they exit the cave.

Appearing in "Lend Lease"Edit

Synopsis for "Lend Lease"Edit

Alexandra lends Albert her motor scooter, which he crashes; she shrugs it off and lends him her sports car. Josie accuses Alexandra of trying to buy Albert's love; Alexandra happily admits it. Alexander tells Albert that his sister's trying to make him look cheap, so one-ups her by loaning him his yacht; Actually, he's sending Albert away so he can have Josie to himself. The girls get Alexandria to fly them to the yacht in a helicopter. Albert uses the helicopter to flee from Alexandria, who hangs onto it by a rope. The girls tell the captain to turn back, but he only takes orders from the Cabots; they decide to use the time to relax on the yacht.

Appearing in "Friendship"Edit

  • L'il Jinx
  • Greg
  • Gigi

Synopsis for "Friendship"Edit

Li'l Jinx gets an invitation to Ricky's party; Greg and Gigi didn't. The invitation says she can bring a friend, so she brings a teddy bear.


This issue includes a brief profile on careers in biology.


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