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Quote1 Riverdale Pie Contest, your coveted grand prize - a lifetime of pies and jams - will be mine... Quote2
-- Jughead Jones

Appearing in "Jughead's Time Police"Edit

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  • TV Chef
  • Judge
  • Hot Dog
  • Geraldine Grundy


Synopsis for "Jughead's Time Police"Edit

Jughead is drinking milkshakes at Pop's when he's reminded that he has to make a pie for the Riverdale Pie Contest. Not having enough time to buy all the ingredients he needs, he substitutes margarine for butter and powdered sugar for granulated sugar. However, while distracted, he also accidentally uses fish oil instead of cooking spray, causing the judges to get food poisoning; Jughead is therefore banned for life from the contest. Jughead becomes depressed by the ban, and his friends try to cheer him up. An offhand remark from Archie inspires him to create a time machine to fix his mistake; he recruits Dilton for this.

Archie discovers them just before they're about to test it, and Jughead recruits him to go back in time with him. To Archie's surprise, it works, and they find themselves in Jughead's room just before he was about to bake the pie. Jughead, believing that his substitutions were what caused the pie to be bad, plans to place the missing ingredients in the kitchen before his past self arrives. However, they are delayed by Betty seeing Archie and talking to them, and so Jughead's past self sees them, necessitating that they travel back.

Jughead plans to make a second trip and asks Archie and Dilton to make sandwiches so he has enough energy to pedal the bike that powers the time machine. However, this is just to get them out of his room, as he plans to make the trip himself so that Archie doesn't mess him up again. However, just as he's about to do so, a woman with red hair appears and says he has to come to the future with her.


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