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Quote1 Welcome, Jughead... to the 29th Century. Quote2
-- January McAndrews

Appearing in "Jughead's Time Police"Edit

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:

  • Hot Dog
  • Time Thieves
  • Another Jughead!?

Other Characters:


  • Riverdale
    • Jones House
  • 29th Century Riverdale
    • Riverdale City Museum
    • Riverdale Food Mall

Synopsis for "Jughead's Time Police"Edit

January McAndrews of the time police transports Jughead to the 29th Century, where he spies some kids sporting fashions similar to his; January explains that he'll become a Nobel Prize winner. She also explains that they're going to use a "looper scooper" to close out Jughead's memory of seeing himself in the past and prevent another timeline.

Before that, Jughead decides to visit a food mall, where January informs his that he solved world hunger. Jughead also says he doesn't care about having adventures throughout time, and just wants to eat food and hang with his friends. January is about to say who she's a descendant of, but they're interrupted by time thieves who are after the looper scooper. They capture January, but Jughead is able to free her with a borrowed hoverboard and a tray of food, and together, they defeat the thieves.

Jughead gets a feast for saving the day (and being a future megacelebrity), but he nevertheless misses his friends. He asks January if he can go back to his own time tomorrow, and January agrees. When he's gone, January talks to someone, who says he broke the thieves out of prison. It's revealed to be another version of Jughead, who embraces her.


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