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Appearing in "Jughead's Time Police"Edit

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:

  • Jughead B
  • Hot Dog
  • Time police
  • Future Jughead

Other Characters:


  • 29th Century Riverdale
    • Riverdale City Museum
  • Riverdale
    • Jones House
  • Hamburg, 1847

Synopsis for "Jughead's Time Police"Edit

The Jughead embracing January (henceforth referred to as Jughead B) refers to the other one as "evil," from a "rotten, no-good timeline," and implies that they'll kill him if they have to. He recalls how, four days ago, January traveled to the past to see Jughead B and how he saw her.. The two almost kiss, but Jughead A returns and sees them. They try to shoot him with the looper scooper, but Jughead A escapes.

Jughead A steals a time cap and activates it. January calls in the time police on him as a time fugitive. Jughead travels to Hamburg, 1847, and buys one of the very first hamburgers. Soon afterwards, however, he is spotted and captured by the time police. Before they can erase his memories, though, someone shows up to rescue him and takes him to another time. The stranger appears to be an older, future Jughead.


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