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Appearing in "Jughead's Time Police"Edit

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:

  • Werewolf Jughead
  • Bot-Dog
  • Hot Dog
  • Time police
  • Other Jugheads

Other Characters:


  • 29th Century Riverdale
  • Doomed Timeline Riverdale

Synopsis for "Jughead's Time Police"Edit

Jughead B is searching for our Jughead throughout various timelines. January is worried that they might have to send both of them back. Jughead uses the timestream database to summon werewolf Jughead.

Old Jughead tries to speak with young Jughead, who tries to leave but finds the world outside is disintegrating. He's retrieved by Bot-Dog, future Jughead's robot companion. He explains to Jughead that he's from the timeline where he saw Archie and Jughead from the future. He explains that he realized it must be time travel, and invented it himself. He traveled to the future to find that Jughead B had taken over the Jughead roles in every other timeline. He also explains that he was distracted during the battle of the bands due to what he'd seen, causing Archie to attempt to save the show and instead mess up. He says there's no way to stop Jughead B and that he only brought Jughead there to have someone to share the last burger with him.

Jughead B has werewolf Jughead try to track our Jughead down by scent. January realizes that he's the one with the evil scheme, so Jughead B pushes her into the timestream and makes an announcement to the time police. Our Jughead convinces Future Jughead to go to January to explain things, but are interrupted by werewolf Jughead and then lots of time police. Jughead B shows up, gloats, and summons a bunch of other versions of Jugheads.


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