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Appearing in "Jughead's Time Police"Edit

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:

Other Characters:

  • Jenny Lewis


  • 29th Century Riverdale
    • Prison
  • Doomed Timeline Riverdale
  • Regular Timeline Riverdale
    • Jones House

Synopsis for "Jughead's Time Police"Edit

January escapes from the timestream and travels to the jail cell of the time thieves. She convinces them to help by promising them reduced sentences and get payback against Jughead B.

Future Jughead uses a smoke bomb to allow our Jughead a chance to escape. Soon, January and the time thieves show up and a brawl ensues. Jughead takes something from Future Jughead and chases down Jughead B to confront him before he can take over another timeline. Jughead shows him the last burger of Future Jughead's timeline, asking him if he really wants to destroy timelines and other Jugheads' friends. Jughead B recants, and the other Jugheads' memories are erased and they're sent back to their own timelines. Future Jughead, whose reality was destroyed, is offered a job with the Time Police.

Jughead is sent back in time before he first travels. He announces that he's quitting trying to invest time travel to focus on band practice. Before the Battle of the Bands, The Archies meet Jenny Lewis. They lose the competition, but Jughead cheers them up. Afterwards, while Jughead is hanging out with his friends, Hot Dog finds the time beanie and activates it.


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