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Quote1 Wait, WHAT? You can... make food? Quote2
-- Jughead Jones

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  • Dragon Burger

Synopsis for "Jughead #1"Edit

Betty is collecting signatures to prevent Fox Forest from being turned into a gated community. Jughead declines to sign, telling her a petition won't help. Mr. Weatherbee announces that the school board has decided to replace him, the new principal being Mr. Stanger. Jughead doesn't care, until he learns that Stanger has ordered that the cafeteria menu be replaced with gruel. He rushes to protest this but becomes so excited that he faints.

Game of Jones

Jughead imagines himself in a Medieval setting, where the king (Mr. Lodge) declares that food is to be rationed. Jughead seeks out the dragon burger, which contains an infinite number of hamburgers. He discovers it being guarded by a dragon, which kills Archie and Reggie, before asking Jughead if he likes hamburgers. The dragon burger turns out to be a seed; Jughead plants it and gives free burgers to everyone.

After Jughead regains consciousness, he heads to Home Ec to learn how to make hamburgers; he then sells them to the other students as a fundraiser for Fox Forest. This infuriates Stanger, but he can't do anything because it's not against the rules.


  • The copyright information of this issue states it's part of Jughead Vol 2; the correct volume number is listed in subsequent comics.
  • This issue includes a reprint of "Experiment Perilous" from Jughead Vol 1 1.


  • "Game of Jones" is a parody of the TV show "Game of Thrones". Moose only being able to say his own name is a parody of Hodor.

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