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Sabrina has summoned a monster but is worried that it might reveal the existence of magic, making her go to magic jail. She casts a spell on Jughead and Reggie so that they see it as Mr. Weatherbee and then unsummons it. A few days later, Jughead apologizes to Sabrina for their date and explains how he's asexual. Sabrina then confesses her own problems to him, after ensuring that he hears 'magic' as 'burgers' and 'witches' as 'cool teens'. She tells how she wanted to live her life, not learn useless subjects in school or rely on magic alone, so she dropped out, moved out of her aunts' house, and got a job, but that it was harder than she expected. Jughead helps her enroll back into school, quit her job, and move back in with her aunts. As a way of saying thanks, Sabrina casts a spell to give him pleasant dreams about giant talking burgers.


This issue includes a reprint of "To Bee or Not to Bee" from Archie Vol 1 124.


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