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Appearing in "Jughead #13"Edit

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  • The Reggies
  • Josie and the Pussycats (Mentioned)
  • Josie and the Secret Pussycats the Other Pussycats Don't Know About (Mentioned)
  • Melody and Her Literal Cats Who Play Cat-Sized Instruments (Mentioned)


  • Riverdale
    • Mom's Instr'ment Detailing Shoppe
    • Riverdale Studios
    • Jughead's House

Synopsis for "Jughead #13"Edit

Jughead and Archie pick up the newly-detailed instruments for The Reggies and head to the recording studio. The band performs terribly; Veronica hires some audio hunks to fix it in post. Dilton shows Jughead some software he's been working on that can edit both audio and video instantly; he demonstrates by replacing everyone's head with Jughead's and changing the name of the band to accompany. Jughead unthinkingly uploads the video, which becomes an overnight viral sensation. The next day, the rest of the gang gets angry at Jughead because of this.


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  • In the main Archie series, Jughead plays drums. Here, it's implied he didn't play any instrument before The Reggies' recording session.
  • Archie suggests shortening the title of Jughead's song to "Sugar, Sugar".

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