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Appearing in "Jughead #15"Edit

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  • Josie and the Pussycats


Synopsis for "Jughead #15"Edit

The gang's hyped to see Josie and the Pussycats. Jughead's planning to get his ticket from filling his Pop Tate punchcard out; however, he accidentally throws it away after skipping out on the bill, leaving him out of luck. Sabrina comes by and decides to help; she travels to the Pussycats' trailer and casts a charm on their instruments. She intends for them to treat Jughead like a VIP, but it makes them fall in love with him instead. Sabrina conjures up tickets for herself and Jughead, not sure how she'll fix her mistake. At the concert, the Pussycats' instruments make all the girls fall in love with Jughead as well.


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Betty says Pop's is on Forty-Fifth and Pine.

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