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Quote1 As you know, I believe rules do not apply to me, so I'm always on the lookout to circumvent them. Quote2
-- Jughead Jones

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  • Chronocrown

Synopsis for "Jughead #1"Edit

At Pop's, the gang discusses how Mr. Stanger's been giving out detentions left and right, but that Jughead has avoided them so far. However, the new gym teacher makes his class run laps, with the last five to finish getting detention; he also sets up an obstacle course for the next day, saying that anyone who can't complete it will also get detention. Jughead gets detention and falls asleep.

The Time Directive

Jughead is woken by January McAndrews, who explains that he's said to become a member of the Time Police, and asks for his assistance in defeating Rex Mantlor. She shows him a recording of him attacking her town; Jughead comes up with a plan to travel to a week before the attack to set up countermeasures.

When Jughead actually wakes up, he decides to sabotage the obstacle course to make it easier for him. He is sent to the principal's; Mr. Stanger plants a knife on him as an excuse to expel him.


This issue includes a reprint of "Mistaken Identity" from Jughead Vol 1 2.


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