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  • Dodgeballs

Synopsis for "Jughead #4"Edit

Jughead's friends don't believe his theory about Mr. Stanger training Riverdale's students to become secret agents. Back at school, he is used as a warm-up target for dodgeball.

The Legend of Slackbeard

Captain Slackbeard is made to walk the plank by a mutinous crew. He is picked up by Captain Principal and is partnered with Dilton in deciphering a treasure map. They trick the crew with a fake map, but Principal follows them to the real treasure. When the treasure turns out to be a milkshake recipe, Slackbeard and Principal fight; Principal is blasted by January McAndrews, who tells Jughead that he got amnesia.

Getting hit in the head with a dodgeball shakes Jughead out of his fantasy. He enlists Dilton's help in hacking Stanger's computer. Dilton shows him a mirror switch--a device that could relay one monitor's output to another. They distract Stanger from his office and place the device; that evening, they gather their friends to see if they can see any evidence. Mr. Stanger types 'HELLO MR. JONES', indicating that he knows about the mirror switch; Jughead's friends, however, realize that this is beyond the capabilities of the average principal and start to believe him.


This issue contains reprints of "Pardon My Bumper" and "Soupy the Cynic" from Jughead Vol 1 1.


Jughead is stated to be asexual.

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