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Synopsis for "Jughead #5"Edit

Jughead, Archie, Betty, and Kevin try to tell their parents about Mr. Stanger's sinister plan, but they don't believe them. They decide to find out where Stanger worked before Riverdale; they ask Wade, who tells them he had been principal at Sunnyside for a year. The kids hitch a ride from Reggie to the Sunnyside Mall; there, they meet a group of teens who oddly resemble gender-swapped versions of themselves. The group leads them to someone who had attended school under Stanger, who says he brainwashed the students so that they would sign up for the army at the Halloween dance. She also says that he somehow got the local malt shop closed; this worries Jughead about Pop's so much that he faints.

Deadly Ringers! Jughead dreams that he and his friends are superheroes heading to stop a robbery at Pop's; they find the robbery already being stopped by their brutish doppelgangers. They discover that they're actually robots created by Mantle Industries.

When Jughead wakes up, he finds that Pop's has been shut down. As Stanger gloats, Jughead declares that he's giving up.


This issue includes reprints of "The Run-Around", "Bewitched, Battered, and Bewildered", and "Tricked" from Jughead Vol 1 4.


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