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  • Super Teens


Synopsis for "Jughead #6"Edit

SuperTeenage Daydream!

The Super Teens confront Reggie at a press conference, but he mind controls the audience into attacking them...

Jughead wakes up. At school, Dilton shows him a flyer saying that a DJ will be playing at the Halloween dance, and that it must be how Stanger brainwashes the students into joining the army. Jughead feels that, even with this knowledge, they can't possibly defeat Stanger; however, after examining the wreckage of a drone, he thinks he's found a way to stop him.

At the dance, Jughead is delayed with fighting Moose, who is loyal to Stanger, but eventually disarms him. As Dilton distracts everyone with his dance moves, Jughead unplugs the hypnotizing DJ equipment. Stanger tells him he's expelled, and that there'll be another dance; Jughead, however, reveals that they'd shown the drones to Mr. Lodge and Kevin Keller, who recognized it as military-grade. They then made some inquiries and found out that Stanger was a rogue CIA agent, so they have him arrested.

Back in Jughead's fantasies, the Super Teens defeat Mantle by cutting power to his building, releasing the crowd from their hypnosis. In the real world, Jughead decides to sign the petition to save Fox Forest. Weatherbee gets his job as principal back.


This issue includes a reprint of "The Unsung Hero" from Jughead Vol 1 1.


Some of the students' costumes at the dance are from Jughead's fantasy sequences from the storyline: Jughead is Captain Hero; Archie has the coat from Issue 1; Betty has the spy catsuit from Issue 3; and Dilton is dressed like his pirate self from Issue 4.

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