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The Riverdale High School library room[]

Mona Jefferson: (grabbing Jughead's right shoulder) "Come with me, young man."

Jughead: "I'm c-coming."

Waldo Weatherbee's office[]

Waldo Weatherbee: "What's he done now?"

Mona Jefferson: "Whistling just as loud as you please in my library room, it has to stop, this is the 4th time this week, I won't have it!"

(Brief Pause)

Mona Jefferson: "I must have absolute quiet in my library, absolute silence, and what happens?!? this character wanders in and starts whistling, so what happens? everybody starts whistling, my library sounds like a bird cage!"

Outside the Riverdale High School hallways[]

Mona Jefferson: "Whistles, whistles, that's all I hear, train whistles, fog whistles, I'm going mad, maaaad, ha, ha, ha, ha!"

Back inside Waldo Weatherbee's office[]

Waldo Weatherbee: "Ahem. Well, young man, what do you have to say for yourself?"

Jughead: "Wow, she's really a whistler, isn't she?"

Waldo Weatherbee: "A whistler? she's a bird."

Jughead: "Yeah, a cuckoo bird."