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Appearing in "Elementary My Dear Kevin!"Edit

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:

Other Characters:

  • Karen Stark
  • Wes Crowley (Mentioned)
  • Wanda Winchell
  • Ethan Sullivan
  • Midge Klump
  • Pam Taylor (Mentioned)


Synopsis for "Elementary My Dear Kevin!"Edit

Because Kevin can't trust Devon, they split up; Paul is excited that Kevin's now free. The Riverdale High students are enamored by the Riverdale Whisperer, a gossip columnist, but Kevin and Jughead aren't interested. Kevin and Paul decide to go to the Mystery Ball together, but just as friends. They discuss who the Whisperer might be; the next day, he finds that Paul's spread the speculation over school, reaching the Whisperer. Later, Kevin discovers that the Whisperer's been writing about him. He decides to unmask them at the Mystery Ball; he and his friends stage several fights in view of their suspects. The fight between Kevin and Paul is witnessed by Wanda Winchell, who posts a Whisperer article about it, and is thus caught.


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  • Despite the prelude taking place three weeks since the last issue, meaning it's near the end of January, the trees are green and there's no snow on the ground.
  • Among the costumes Kevin suggests is The Fly and Flygirl.

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