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Laszlo Kharandashkov (a.k.a Leslie Mason) was a Russian immigrant and an ancestor of Marmaduke "Moose" Mason who went to the U.S.A on the same ship as Andy Andrews (an ancestor of Archie Andrews ). He protected Andy from a mean ship worker who threatened to hit Andy after an altercation between the two. His chances of getting into the United States were saved by Andy at the processing center. One of the officers asked for a sum of money to show that he won't have been a burden on the community, Laszlo lost the bag of money he brought with him, but Andy picked it up and returned it to him just in time.


Laszlo is also known as 'Leslie Mason' because he feared that the officer at the processing center wouldn't have known how to write his long name. He gave his name as 'Laszlo Mannson', but the officer misheard him and entered his name as 'Leslie Mason', this is the reason Moose, and many of his other descendants' last names are Mason.

He also looks identical to Moose Mason.