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Appearing in "I'm Dancing as Fast as I Can!"Edit

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:

Other Characters:

  • Rose
  • Paulo
  • Brenda
  • Babs Waldron
  • Barry


  • New York City
    • Apartment 6C
    • NYC-TV offices

Synopsis for "I'm Dancing as Fast as I Can!"Edit

Kevin falls asleep on the subway, so he can't go home between work and a yoga class he's going to for a date. His date, Paulo, lends him a pair of shorts that make him fart during the class; afterwards, though, they laugh it off and kiss. The next day at work, his bosses force him to get a chest-wax, so angrily tells them off on air. He take Jason Markley to his prom, gives him confidence, and has fun. Veronica follows and records this; however, she unthinkingly uploads it online.


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