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Archie's Weird Mysteries
Season 1, Episode 15
Mega Mall of Horrors
Episode Information
Air date January 7, 2000
Chris Lundquist Jughead
Camille Schmidt Veronica
Andrew Rannells Archie
Paul Sosso Reggie
Danielle Young Betty
Ben Beck Dilton
Episode Guide
Monster in the Night

This was the 15th episode (9th in production order) of Archie's Weird Mysteries.


A new mall is in town, but it is not as friendly as it seems. For the town's teens who shop there paid the ultimate price and started to disappear; all except Jughead who had no interest in buying anything there. Will he shut down the mall and rescue the teens or does Riverdale have its own clearance sale?


One night as the town of Riverdale sleeps, a mysterious truck arrives and quickly replaced a condemned gas station into a mega mall called Mallhalla. An equally mysterious creature went inside and activated the mall.

The following day saw the Archie gang hanging out at Pop's Chock'lit Shoppe. Jughead did a little sonnet about why he likes burgers. Archie wondered about some strange music that played last night.

Later Reggie came in to show & tell the gang about Mallhalla. They came into this new mall but with no money on them. So the mall's manager named Mr. Avericci gave them all credit cards in their names. Three of them wasted no time in starting to go shopping and eventually Archie as well after a brief moment of suspicion. Jughead is the only one who didn't shop.

Reggie was in the electronics store eyeing a special helmet called the Wirehead 3000. Reggie wants to have it and the manager who was there was hoping he'd say that.

Meanwhile, Archie bought himself an ancient street atlas to the lost city of Atlantis. Veronica bought new sweaters in different colors and Betty got a backpack made of tree bark. As the gang was about to leave, Archie got suspicious again and thought they were missing somebody. But the weird music prevented him from suspicion. Then they left afterwhich we saw Reggie as a mannequin.

Days later at school, the gang sees that their fellow classmates have all been to Mallhalla. They also noticed that the student body had suddenly diminished in number. The strange music at Mallhalla started to play again to remove suspicion. Next, Veronica wants to know what the gang should do this weekend. Jughead threw out some suggestions by reading in newspaper about some upcoming events. But alas, they were all trumped by the gang wanting to go back to Mallhalla again.

On the way over, they briefly stopped at Pop's. Jughead wanted to go there for another burger but they were over ruled by his friends. Pop was angry about the kids always going to the mall because its business was causing the local businesses to crumble.

On their latest trip, Betty wants to buy an expensive birdbath and was about to buy it, but her card has reached its limit, which meant it was time for her TO PAY! Veronica & Archie bought more stuff, but again Archie thinks there's somebody missing. But again, the music seized suspicion. Next, Veronica went to the fashion store and was about to buy a red dress, but she was overdrawn too. So now it was her turn TO PAY! Archie & Jughead waited for Veronica for quite a while, but thanks to that music, they had to leave. We then saw mannequins of both Betty & Veronica.

Another day in school but there was nobody there but Jughead & Archie. Jughead asked why the school is here but nobody's there. Archie was about to answer but again Archie was hypnotized by that strange music. Archie knows a place he wants to go after school. We know what that place is.

Archie eyes a crystal ball at the store he's been going since he started going to Mallhalla. He got to have it, but he ended up paying the price too. Jughead saw him as a mannequin but before he can find out, the music made him say that is the ugliest hat he has ever seen.

Mr. Avericci, the manager then showed up, took Jughead's hand and tried to convince him to buy something here at the mall. But there was nothing there that he wants. That's when Mr. Avericci showed him the all-you-can-eat buffet place. That really caught Jughead's attention, so he started to grab some good eats. Jughead was about to take a bite at what he just got, when Pop Tate appeared to give him a burger, which may turn out to be the last one he'll ever make in Riverdale, as his Chock'lit Shoppe is going out of business. Pop left to go to a "Going Out of Business" party downtown and warns Jughead that thanks to Mallhalla, the Chock'lit Shoppe may be just one of the places to close down. Mr. Avericci made one last attempt to get Jughead to buy his food, but to no avail. Jughead instead ate the hamburger Pop gave him and said the same sonnet we heard earlier. So Jughead rightfully forfeited Mr. Avericci's fancy-schmancy food and ripped up his credit card as a way of telling Mr. Avericci what Jughead thinks of him and his mall. This caused the speakers which played the strange music all the time to be destroyed and Mr. Avericci to melt down into a puddle of goo. Jughead then found out that all his friends and classmates and other teens were turned into mannequins by him. Then a shriveled up Mr. Avericci explained that he was the most selfish shopaholic that ever lived who sold his soul for more after running out of money. Now he's bound to Mallhalla and was ordered to steal the souls of innocence and if he failed, he would pay the price... "himself." Jughead wouldn't allow him to use his pals to settle the debt. Suddenly, the smoke from the puddle of goo turned into the creature who was really the owner of the mall all this time. Jughead escaped the beast by throwing the food on his tray at him.

Jughead then ran back to Archie who was still a mannequin. He shook him so hard that his credit card fell out. The creature ordered Jughead to leave the card alone, which made Jughead realize that it was the cards that caused them to turn into mannequins in the first place. So he tore up Archie's card and made Archie human again. The boys then ran to the fashion store to free Betty & Veronica. Archie ripped up Betty's credit card and freed her. Betty then tore up Veronica's card and set her free. Jughead then distracted the monster long enough for the others to free the rest of the teens.

After all the teens were rescued from this perilous trap, they ran out of the mall. Jughead was suddenly stopped by the creature and the others tried to drag him out, causing a big tug-o-war to which the teens eventually won. The monster tried to jump out to recapture the teens, but the door closed and the monster was locked in. Then the whole mall started to crumble down. And that was the end of this nightmare shopping spree.

Later the gang celebrated at Pop's Chock'lit Shoppe which was now back in business along with all the other stores. In Archie's column, he and the Mallhalla incident reminds us all not to go too far when it comes to shopping; and there are plenty of things that money cannot buy, like love friendship and happiness.