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Mega Man is a comic book series published as part of the Archie Action line of action comics. It is based on the Capcom video game series of the same name. The first issue came out in April 2011, and has continued since.

Archie Comics announced that Issue #53 would be the last issue before going on hiatus in November.  A return date is unknown at this time.

Differences from the games[]

Like Sonic The Hedgehog, there are many differences from the source material. For example, Shadow Man (a Robot Master from Mega Man 3 ) and the Stardroids (from Mega Man V on Game Boy) were created by Ra-Moon, an enemy from a Japan-only game, Super Adventure Rockman. Also, several Robot Masters appeared earlier than they did in their respected video games.


The Mega Man comics crossed over with the Sonic The Hedgehog comics in a crossover titled Worlds Collide in 2013.  Two years later, a sequel crossover, Worlds Unite , was published in 2015, expanding  more characters from both Sega and Capcom.