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Archie's Weird Mysteries
Season 1, Episode 17
Misfortune Hunters
Episode Information
Air date January 19, 2000
Chris Lundquist Jughead
Camille Schmidt Veronica
Andrew Rannells Archie
Paul Sosso Reggie
Danielle Young Betty
Ben Beck Dilton
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Ship of Ghouls

This was the 17th episode of Archie's Weird Mysteries.


Betty Cooper is probably the biggest good deed doer in Riverdale. But one day, her good deed doing landed her and the town in hot water when she released a practical joke playing demon onto the town. Will she use her good deed doing with the help of the gang to stop this demon?


One night, a couple of treasure hunters roamed through the tombs of the Statlemeyer mansion looking for a treasure. They came across a corridor where inside by the entrance is a scale filled with jewels. The instructions were to take one, but the male hunter took a bunch and they fell down a pit.

The following day, Veronica & Reggie sat on a park bench when they saw an old lady with a cart full of groceries. She dropped some, but Betty arrived to help her pick them up. Next she was seen with a young child she was currently babysitting. Ronnie & Reggie mock her and complained about her always doing good deeds. As Betty and the child were leaving the park, the hunters spotted her and came up with a plan to trick her into getting them that treasure.

Later at Pop's, Archie was running out of ideas for his Weird Mysteries column. Ronnie & Reggie arrived to talk about Betty's good deed doing. Shortly after, Betty came in to show her friends a strange mail she got in her mailbox. It was a fortune cookie. She opened it and the fortune inside it read, "Help someone today and you'll richly rewarded." And sure enough, she did; as a man in raggy clothes who happened to be a reclusive millionaire needed her help in crossing the street. He even gave her $50 for it. Little does Betty know that the millionaire was really the guy hunter in disguise. The wicked scavengers' plan was to gain Betty's trust by throwing fortune cookies at her and doing what the fortunes say.

The next fortune had Betty give a book back to the lady hunter, also in disguise. The last fortune she got (which was in her refrigerator) was the big one; it drove her to finding the treasure to retrieve for the hunters. Betty went to the Statlemeyer mansion, slid into the tomb, followed the instructions of the jewels scale and walked down a secret corridor. All while avoiding traps & perils along the way. Eventually she made to the end and found the treasure which was a silver dagger that served as a key to locking a trunk which it was slotted into. Betty pulled it out, the trunk opened up and out came an evil demon. The Maladonia Demon was locked into that trunk years ago by the owner of the mansion, never to be released, until now. Betty ran out, ran into the hunters and they snached the dagger. They explained their plan and the demon and went off to cash in on the dagger, while Betty and Riverdale are left holding the bag in terms of putting up with the demon.

The demon, wasted no time reeking havoc, mischief, mayhem and chaos in town. They include him dropping a light from the lamp post on Moose Mason to which he dodged in time, stomping on a football and scaring Mrs. Grundy in a mailbox by ripping up her mail. While Betty started to regret being a goody-two-shoes person. Archie came to her house to try to reason with her and get Betty to help him and the gang steal back the dagger and return the demon to the trunk. But Betty refused and kicked Archie out, as she still feels sorry for herself and all her good deed doing.

The gang quickly came to the house of the treasure hunters, confronted and demanded the return of the dagger. But the hunters resisted and tried to ram Archie's car and kill the gang. But the demon was there, he chained their car's bumper to a tree and rendered them unconscious. The demon came presumably to steal the dagger for himself. (It was unknown however what he was going to do with it.) But Archie took the dagger out of the lady hunter's vest pocket and the gang drove off to the Statlemeyer mansion.

When they got to mansion, Reggie made the same mistake the hunters made and the gang was about to fall into the pit when Betty (dressed up like Lara Croft) rescued them from their fall. Betty explained that she decided to help after seeing her father get an injured foot because of the demon. It was then that she decided not to allow anyone else to get hurt due to Betty's mistake. With the short cut closed up, the gang was forced to go down through an alternate corridor with the demon following them all the way. As with the short cut, the gang had venture through dangerous traps and barriers and things with success, but the demon wasn't exactly so lucky. Finally, they made it to the trunk with the demon coming after. The demon used magic and force to stop the gang and making them give him the dagger. But Betty recovered it before he could grab it. Then he confronted Betty and Betty's goody goody ways seemingly creeped up on her and decided not to lock the demon into trunk. But as it turned out, it was a trick, for Betty threw a stick she found outside into the trunk and making the demon think that she threw the dagger in there. Naturally, the demon fell for it, went in the trunk and Betty put the dagger back into place and locked him in.

Betty decided that she can still be good, but only to those who deserve it. The gang loves to have a friend like Betty, even though she never touches fortune cookies anymore.