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Reggie Mantle

Reggie Mantle
Real Name
Reginald Dominick "Reggie" Mantle
Ricky Mantle (father)
Vicky Mantle (mother)
Oliver Mantle (younger brother)

Riverdale, USA (originally from Texas)
Student at Riverdale High
Place of Birth
First appearance

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Reginald "Reggie" Mantle (born April 13th, 2002) first appeared in Jackpot Comics #5, in spring of 1942. Since then, he has achieved canon character status in the Archie series and is infamous for his quick wit, vanity, and self-centeredness.


Reggie has black hair (which he often styles in many different ways) and brown eyes. His outfits change

Modern Reggie.

throughout the comics. He is about 5'10" and weighs about 150 lbs.


Reggie is seen as a prankster, always playing practical jokes on other students at Riverdale High. Because of this, he hopes to land a career in comedy, but has been unsuccessful thus far. It is not out of the ordinary for Reggie to get in trouble because of his pranks. He is very conceited and is known to refer to himself as the "great one" on a regular basis. Reggie's appearance is very important to him, and he is known to carry a mirror around with him in his pocket. He is a talented athlete and is mentioned to be the star of many sports teams, including football, baseball, basketball, and ice hockey. Being of sneaky nature, he occasionally tries to win games by using technicalities found in the rule book. He has been called "Rule Book Reggie" because of this.
Reggie is very fashion-conscious, often changing his clothes, appearance, or hair to keep in touch with the times. In one story, he is said to be even more concerned about clothing than Veronica Lodge, Riverdale's fashion leader. He plays bass guitar in the band The Archies, and naturally thinks he is the most important member.
His quick, though sometimes rude, wit has gotten him through many tough situations. Reggie has a serious side and is known to be kind and helpful when has to but tries to keep such instances hidden.

Relationships with Other Characters


An image of classic Reggie, probably dating from the 1940's and 50's.

Reggie's frenemy is Archie Andrews, whom he always plays pranks on and harasses. He tries to make others believe that he despises Archie and couldn't care less what bad things come his way, but it was revealed in Goodbye Forever part two that, although they have their differences, Archie is Reggie's best - albeit only - friend. Archie is also Reggie's rival for Veronica's affections, making them extremely jealous of each other, depending on who Veronica chooses to date at the time.
Reggie also often pranks Jughead Jones, believing he is lazy and dumb, making him a perfect target. However, Reggie often underestimates Jughead's smarts, causing most of his pranks on the latter to backfire. Reggie and Jughead are not just rivals, though, as there have been many instances where they are friendly towards one another. Despite their varying interests, Jughead and Reggie are good friends who care about each other.
Reggie's two main love interests are Veronica Lodge and Midge Klump, each of whom he dates from time to time. Because of his friendliness to Midge, he is often Midge's boyfriend Moose Mason's target, causing him to be beaten up on a regular basis. Midge has shown interest in Reggie herself, but probably only because she was rebelling against Moose's overprotectiveness towards her. Veronica usually chooses Archie over Reggie because of his more agreeable personality but has been known to go out with Reggie instead of Archie at times specifically because Reggie has more date money than Archie. Unlike Archie, however, Reggie does not have a steady girlfriend.
Reggie has been known to date Betty Cooper as well, not just because she is usually available, but because he sincerely likes her. In one story, Reggie and Betty began to date, and Betty discovered that Reggie was a gentleman on the inside. It was also mentioned that Reggie took Betty to the junior prom.
Reggie often teases Dilton Doiley because he is jealous of Dilton's brains. It is evident that the two are not friends, despite efforts on the rest of the Gang's part to make them be such.


Reginald "Reggie" Mantle is a canon character in the Archie series.


  • Reggie had four different titles dedicated to him.
  • His favorite color is blue.
  • His father owns the newspaper The Riverdale Gazette.
  • His favorite food is tacos.
  • His favorite subject is social studies.
  • Hai birthday is April 13th.
  • His star sign is an Aries, and his personality is quite like it.
  • He loves steak.
  • He has a brother named Oliver.
  • Reggie owns a yellow car.
  • He hates it when his dad gives him a hard time.
  • He is from Texas.
  • Reggie still owns several blue t-shirts.
  • He is a fan of Marvel Comics.
  • His favorite Marvel superheroes are Hulk and Iron Man.


  • He owns a yellow car.
  • His favorite color is blue.
  • His favorite food is tacos.
  • His favorite subject is social studies.
  • His favorite sport is football
  • He hates detention.
  • He doesn't mind studying.
  • Reggie's star sign is an Aries.
  • He is good at pranks.
  • He hits on girls, especially Veronica and Midge.


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