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Quote1 Rule #1--No one ever pities Reggie Mantle! Absolutely NO ONE! Quote2
-- Vader

Appearing in "Reggie and Me #1"Edit

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Synopsis for "Reggie and Me #1"Edit

Reggie is hosting a party. When he goes to get alcohol, all his guests--except Moose and Midge--receive a text about a party at Lodge mansion, so they leave. Vader (Reggie's dog) relates how Reggie adopted him. Back at school, Reggie pranks everyone who abandoned his party. Archie apologizes for not asking Veronica to move the date of her party, but his pity makes Reggie want revenge even more.


This issue includes a reprint of "Screen Test" from Reggie Vol 1 1.


In this issue, Moose's weight is said to be 220; In Issue 3, it's said to be 210.

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