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Quote1 Hilda and Zelda didn't come home. But it's fine. Everything is fine. Quote2
-- Sabrina Spellman

Appearing in "Sabrina the Teenage Witch #4"Edit

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:

  • Salem
  • Harvey Kinkle
  • Radka Ransom
  • Professor Sampson
  • Ren Ransom

Other Characters:


  • Greendale
    • Spellman House
    • Greendale High School
    • Mama's Malts

Synopsis for "Sabrina the Teenage Witch #4"Edit

It's the next day, and Hilda and Zelda haven't come home yet. Sabrina heads to school, passing by a group of upset citizens demanding to see the mayor; they mention witches and a kraken. She meets Harvey, who tells her the town has a legendary history of witches. He's interrupted by his coach before he can tell her more, but he promises to do so on their date that night. Sabrina feels guilty that she's going on a date with one boy after kissing another.

Sabrina grabs some of Allen's hair, then heads to the bathroom to reapply glamor magic to her hair, it having turned back to white after she ran out of power the previous night. Unknown to her, Radka sees her do this. Sabrina is late for science class, and the teacher, Professor Sampson, criticizes her for this; however, his comments about the Spellman family make her wonder if he knows something.

Sabrina goes on her date with Harvey, who tells her how the town was said to have been founded by witches, and that's there's a woman named Della living in a house in the woods who the local kids nicknamed Enchantra. Ren shows up and gets in an argument with Harvey over Sabrina, which makes her leave. Back home, Sabrina uses her aunts' magic map spell and sees a large burst of magic in the woods. She decides to use her aunts' magic artifacts to prepare to rescue them and turns Salem into a giant winged cat.


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