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Quote1 Well this doesn't suck. Quote2
-- Sabrina Spellman

Appearing in "Sabrina The Teenage Witch #5"Edit

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:

Other Characters:

  • Jean
  • Celeste
  • Adele
  • Various students


  • Greendale
    • Spellman House
    • Greendale High School

Synopsis for "Sabrina The Teenage Witch #5"Edit

Sabrina uses Allen's hair for a homing spell to lead her to him. Riding on Salem, she follows it into the woods, where she finds Hilda, Zelda, and other women tied to stakes around a bonfire. The kraken shows up, and she uses the staff of Hectate to turn it back into Allen but destroys the staff in the process. Several other creatures show up, and Sabrina uses several other magical artifacts to turn them back as well. Zelda tells her the minotaur is the key, so Sabrina focuses on it and turns it back into Professor Sampson. He reveals he turned the others into monsters because the Witch Council rejected him. Sabrina uses a spell to prevent him from doing harm. The other witches are freed and say they'll take care of the students.

On Monday, Harvey shows up and compliments her on her now natural white hair. He apologizes for what happened with Ren; she forgives him and kisses him. Jessa is amazed by this and mentions that she has a crush, but won't reveal who she is. Ren sees Sabrina hanging out with Harvey and is saddened by it. Radka confronts her and says she knows what she is and that she'll tell the world if she doesn't help her.


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