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There are two alternative versions of Salem Saberhagen featured in the Archie Horror imprint as he appears briefly in Afterlife with Archie and is a supporting character in Chilling Adventures of Sabrina.

Afterlife With Archie[]

In issue 1, he warns Sabrina not to use the Necronomicon to bring Hot Dog back to life as Hilda and Zelda would "slaughter her" and that "it'll be 1692 all over again". She told him to cover for her but he was unable to stop her Aunts from finding out as they banish her as punishment. Sabrina claims in issue 6 that he is bi-curious.

Chilling Adventures of Sabrina[]

Given as a present on Sabrina's sixth birthday, he tends to give her advice throughout the series.

His backstory is revealed in issue 6 as he was once a human sailor named Samuel who sailed on a ship called the Black Pearl. After it docked at Boston Harbor in the winter of 1692, he looked for work in Salem village and was hired by John Proctor to tend his crop fields. There he meets the Proctor family anc their servant girl Abigail Williams who he falls in love with. Abigail reveals that she is pregnant with his child and asks him to marry her but he declines because he has nothing to offer her. They have a discussion later suggesting that she could possibly abandon or kill the child and this notion makes her angry at him. The next day, a friend of hers named Mercy tricks him in going into the woods as Abigail was waiting there with various other girls as they reveal themselves to be witches. Abigail says thst he ruined her as she was to marry their Dark Lord Satan who had been in goat hybrid form and had him eat their unborn child. She turns him into a regular cat to become her familiar after her Aunt Nesther suggests so. She takes him into the Proctor house to pose as a pet, but he escapes during the chaos of the trials. He came upon a tree with the victims hanging and comes upon Satan who names him Salem as a rememberance to the events. He then gives Salem the ability to speak and predicts that one day he will serve a girl who is both more and less a witch who will need his protection. At some point later, he tried to enact the Book of Revelation by summoning the Four Horsemen.