Archie's Weird Mysteries
Season 1, Episode 31
AWM 131
Episode Information
Air date 2/9/2000
Chris Lundquist Jughead
Camille Schmidt Veronica
Andrew Rannells Archie
Paul Sosso Reggie
Danielle Young Betty
Ben Beck Dilton
Episode Guide
The Christmas Phantom
I was a Teenage Vampire

This was the 31st episode of Archie's Weird Mysteries and the first part of a three part series where Veronica goes head to head with a vampire named Scarlet.


Veronica had a strange dream where she was wearing an amulet and was not afraid of vampires but a redhead who's name was Scarlet.


Archie: These are my friends, Betty, Veronica and Jughead.

Betty: Welcome to Riverdale

Veronica: Charmed

Jughead: Burger?

Scarlet (To Betty): Likewise

Scarlet (To Veronica): Thanks

Scarlet (To Jughead): No thanks Veronica: That's right trouble, big redheaded trouble!

Betty: I thought it you said it was a silly dream...

V: This isn't about silly dreams, it is about some girl walks in into town and stealing Archie right under our cute little noses

B: Well maybe so, but she seems pretty nice

V: Too nice, with a redheaded smile, ooh I read your article, I like spooky stuff too, I don't trust you Betty


(Beep) V: Learn to signal moron!

B: Veronica, you shouldn't use your cell phone in your car, it's dangerous