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Appearing in "A Gym Dandy"Edit

Synopsis for "A Gym Dandy"Edit

Melody has been banned from physical fitness class because her physique drives the boys crazy, but the wealthy Alex Cabot III takes Josie and Pepper to work out at the private gymnasium in his mansion.

Appearing in "Neat Workers"Edit

  • Josie
  • Pepper
  • Sock (First appearance)
  • Albert (First appearance)
  • Josie's father (First appearance)

Synopsis for "Neat Workers"Edit

Josie and Pepper discuss how to get the boys interested in the national physical fitness program. Josie's father suggests cleaning out the garage will put her in shape; the girls pawn it off on Sock and Albert by saying the same thing. However, once the boys finish cleaning it, they put everything back the way they found it.

Appearing in "Muscle Hustle"Edit

Synopsis for "Muscle Hustle"Edit

The boys may not want to exercise, but they sure go in for a lot of physical exertion, including wild dancing and fighting.

Appearing in "Track Down"Edit

Synopsis for "Track Down"Edit

Josie and Pepper still can't get the boys interested in exercise, but when Melody starts running along the track in her shorts, they all get plenty of exercise by running after her.


All the stories in this issue revolve around physical fitness.


In the final panel of "Track Down", the shortest of the boys running after Melody is a caricature of Dan DeCarlo. Self-caricatures of DeCarlo would become a running gag in many of the pre-Pussycats "Josie" issues.

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