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Appearing in "Team Spirit"Edit

Synopsis for "Team Spirit"Edit

Melody has been elected water boy for the football teams and it's distracting the players. Josie and Pepper agree to keep Melody away if the coach lets Albert have a more important role on the team. After Albert fails on the field, the coach gives him the job of tackling dummy. After taking him to the infirmary, Melody gets a tip from a stranger from Central High that she should get "Tiger" Molloy onto the team.

Appearing in "No Help Wanted"Edit

Synopsis for "No Help Wanted"Edit

As it turns out, "Tiger" Molloy is really Jinx Molloy, who causes bad luck to happen wherever he goes. Melody sneaks him onto the team, but the accidents that befall them quickly identify him. The coach makes Melody promise not to interfere with the team anymore.

Appearing in "Sideline Stars"Edit

Synopsis for "Sideline Stars"Edit

At the game, Midville's team is losing to Central High badly, but things turn around when Melody cheers Central High on, distracting their players. She's found out by the Central High coach, but Melody has another trick up her sleeve--Jinx Molloy is Central High's water boy.

Appearing in "Right or Wrong!"Edit

  • L'il Jinx
  • Jinx's Father

Synopsis for "Right or Wrong!"Edit

Jinx's father tells her that doing her math homework wouldn't be right; Jinx asks if he could try anyway.

Appearing in "The Last Man"Edit

Synopsis for "The Last Man"Edit

Jinx's bad luck affects both teams, so he's booted out. Central High's slim lead holds. In the last inning, the coach has no choice but to replace an injured player with Albert. Albert is quickly pummeled, then dazedly wanders to the end zone with the ball stuck in his pants, allowing Midville to win the game. The team carries Albert in celebration, but because Jinx was one of the ones carrying him, Albert's head is slammed against a wall.


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