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Appearing in "Music Hath Charms"Edit

Synopsis for "Music Hath Charms"Edit

Sock tries a variety of instruments to try to seduce Pepper, but is terrible at all of them. Albert suggests he pretend to save Josie and Melody from thin ice; however, he falls through, and Pepper has to save him instead. Albert tells Sock to forget her, making Sock hit him with his own guitar and gain Pepper's admiration.

Appearing in "Odor Wise"Edit

Synopsis for "Odor Wise"Edit

Alexandra has hidden her brother's satchel of money, but he meets Cricket O'Dell, who quickly retrieves it. Albert arrives and is immediately beset upon by Alexandra; Alex gives him his credit card so he can flee her. However, Alexandra has pinned a thousand-dollar bill under Albert's collar, enabling her to use Cricket to track him down all over the world.

Appearing in "The Right Change"Edit

  • L'il Jinx
  • Greg

Synopsis for "The Right Change"Edit

Jinx is playing baseball, but keeps almost getting hit. She changes into a football uniform.


This issue includes a career profile on dieticians.


In "Odor Wise", Alex says he was playing "that real estate game", i.e. Monopoly.

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