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Appearing in "The Schemers"Edit

Synopsis for "The Schemers"Edit

Alex had hired Sock get Albert out of the way--by tossing him up in a tree--so he'd have Josie all to himself. Albert thus heads to his sister to conspire to get him out of the way. Alexandra sabotages Alex's car; however, when she discovers that Albert used her to date Josie, she drives Josie out to where his car broke down. However, Alex has used a jetpack to fly away.

Appearing in "The Dreamers"Edit

Synopsis for "The Dreamers"Edit

Alexandra uses her own jetpack to track her brother down. Meanwhile, Albert drives up to where Josie is on his scooter; Josie decides to go on a date with him instead. Albert disables Alexandra's car so no one steals it. As the Cabots return, they swoop down to separate their romantic interests but knock each other out instead, so are left in the desert with two out-of-commission autos.

Appearing in "Now You See It"Edit

Melody Josie Pepper

Synopsis for "Now You See It"Edit

Melody is insulted that a boy doesn't notice her; however, it turns out he just wasn't wearing his glasses. They walk off together, but run into a pair of thugs, who start beating the boy up.

Appearing in "Slight Change"Edit

  • L'il Jinx
  • Jinx's Father

Synopsis for "Slight Change"Edit

Jinx draws some faces; her father thinks they're elephants.

Appearing in "Now You Don't"Edit

Synopsis for "Now You Don't"Edit

Once the boy has his glasses on, he easily defeats the bullies. Melody brags about it to a whole gang of goons; the boy disappears and thinks to himself that sometimes one can see too clearly.


This issue includes a career profile on accountants.


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