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  • Midvale
  • Lonelyville

Synopsis for "Sweater Girls"Edit

The girls are buying sweaters; the salesman attempts to dissuade Melody from buying a certain one, but the manager sells it to her. As it turns out, that sweater was being used to smuggle stolen jewels; "The Boss" arrives and chews out the salesman, Fink, for losing it. Fink identifies Melody; but unknown to him, the girls had swapped purchases, with Pepper getting the stolen jewels. The Boss swipes Melody's sweater and discovers it's the wrong one. The criminals tap her phone, and Josie realizes this; nevertheless, they discuss their plans to go to the Cabots' Beach Shack that weekend. The crooks follow them and steal Josie's sweater.

Appearing in "Bad Sort"Edit

Synopsis for "Bad Sort"Edit

Alexander Cabot II examines the remaining sweater and discovers its jewels are real. Fink sneaks into the house to steal it, but finds that they've removed the jewels. He's seen by the teens as he flees; he returns to the Boss, who laments that he didn't steal any of Mrs. Cabot's other jewelry.

Appearing in "Native Nuisance"Edit

Synopsis for "Native Nuisance"Edit

The teens set a trap for the crooks by having Pepper wear the jewels in her hair at the Beach Combers' Ball that night.

Appearing in "Sweet Talk"Edit

  • L'il Jinx
  • Jinx's dad

Synopsis for "Sweet Talk"Edit

Jinx's Dad reads to her about Hansel and Gretel and the witch's gingerbread house.

Appearing in "Force Feed"Edit

Synopsis for "Force Feed"Edit

Fink tells Pepper that there's a call for her at the beach house; when she's away from the group, the thieves retrieve the jewels from her hair. When they try to escape, they run into the police, who were disguised as party-goers.


This issue includes a brief profile on Brian Hyland.


At the Beach Combers' Ball, the Boss and Fink disguise themselves as Robinson Crusoe and Friday respectively.

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