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Appearing in "League Leader"Edit

Synopsis for "League Leader"Edit

Mr. Tuttle tell Josie and her friends to create a club to stop superstition. The girls make Melody president to keep her from interfering. Melody convinces the other students to stop being superstitious--by convincing them that she'll curse them with bad luck if they don't.

Appearing in "Jungle Fever"Edit

Synopsis for "Jungle Fever"Edit

Alexander Cabot III invites Josie and Pepper to his father's artificial jungle so they can pass their woodsman test for Girl Guides of America. As it turns out, the jungle is filled with hidden gadgets so they don't have to rough it.

Appearing in "Leader of Men"Edit

Synopsis for "Leader of Men"Edit

Albert is feeling down because Pepper can outperform him athletically. Some boys approach him because they need a shortstop, boosting his confidence; however, it turns out they wanted him to convince Pepper to be it.

Appearing in "Star Bright Star Fright"Edit

  • L'il Jinx
  • Jinx's dad

Synopsis for "Star Bright Star Fright"Edit

Jinx remarks to her dad that she likes the stars because they're so still and quiet. Her dad corrects her, saying that they're moving incredibly quickly; this scares Jinx.

Appearing in "Disaster Area"Edit

Synopsis for "Disaster Area"Edit

The male students keep getting distracted by Melody's beauty and running into walls, so Josie and Pepper disguise her as an old woman. However, the boys still take notice of her swaying hips, and decide to "help" this old woman by giving her a makeover.


This issue includes a brief profile on Richard Chamberlain.


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