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Appearing in "Necktie Party"Edit

Synopsis for "Necktie Party"Edit

Josie and her friends scheme to get Albert to wear a tie to the school dance. They all mention how good-looking he'd be wearing it; it works.

Appearing in "Let's Play Switch"Edit

Synopsis for "Let's Play Switch"Edit

Melody has lost the fraternity pin Alex gave her. Sock finds it and gives it to Pepper; when Pepper tries to return it, Melody believes Alex gave it to her, and so tries to emulate Pepper by appearing smart. Pepper gets annoyed and attempts to appeal to Alex with her body. Pepper and Melody start arguing, so Alex goes and talks with Josie; the other girls assume that they're flirting, and so plan to beat her up.

Appearing in "Language Barrier!"Edit

  • L'il Jinx
  • Greg

Synopsis for "Language Barrier!"Edit

Greg tells Jinx that the most common letter in English is 'E'; Jinx tells Greg that the most common words are "Don't do that".

Appearing in "We Aim to Please"Edit

Synopsis for "We Aim to Please"Edit

Josie's dad doesn't like Albert; Josie makes him climb a tree and observe her dad to find some way to please him. He falls out of the tree and hits his head, making Josie's dad happy.


This issue includes a brief profile on James Darren.


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