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Appearing in "Tower of Trouble"Edit

  • Josie
  • Melody
  • Pepper
  • August September (First appearance)
  • June July (First appearance)
  • Johnny July (Mentioned)

Synopsis for "Tower of Trouble"Edit

Josie and her friends spot a light on in an old, abandoned mansion. They meet two people who say they're are preparing for a new family to move in; however, they soon drug the girls and lock them in the tower room. Listening through the vents, they discover their captors are looking for where a deceased gangster, Johnny July, stashed some stolen jewels. They then discover Melody's missing.

Appearing in "Pipe Dream"Edit

Synopsis for "Pipe Dream"Edit

The girls find Melody--she's in a secret passage! They head to the basement and use the pipes to pretend to be Johnny's ghost.

Appearing in "Oh, Johnny, Oh!"Edit

Synopsis for "Oh, Johnny, Oh!"Edit

The girls continue to use the secret passage to pretend to be Johnny's ghost. 'Johnny' says he'll let the girls out of the tower room; when the crooks check, they find they've disappeared.

Appearing in "Growing Pains!"Edit

  • L'il Jinx
  • Jinx's Father

Synopsis for "Growing Pains!"Edit

After having to do chores, Jinx wonders if childhood's really the happiest time of one's life.

Appearing in "September Song"Edit

Synopsis for "September Song"Edit

The girls, downstairs, try to convince the crooks that a ghost truly did let them out, but Melody accidentally reveals the secret passage. The crooks give chase, but knock themselves out on a wall they mistake for a passage. They're arrested for trespassing, and it's revealed Johnny had the jewels on him when he was caught.


This issue includes a brief career profile of an air hostess.


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