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Appearing in "Second String"Edit

Synopsis for "Second String"Edit

Josie gives Albert a guitar for his birthday. He begins playing and his father quickly sends him out of the house; there, he meets Alex, who begins tormenting him and his guitar. Josie is miffed that Albert's more concerned about his guitar than her, but is such a good player that she forgives him. It starts to rain and Albert quickly takes off his jacket--to cover the guitar, leaving Josie to get soaked.

Appearing in "Music for Millionaires"Edit

Synopsis for "Music for Millionaires"Edit

Alex gives Josie a ride to his house from out of the rain. He tries to impress her with her with an electric guitar, but falls into a fountain. Alexandra goes to move in on Albert.

Appearing in "Moist Minstrel"Edit

Synopsis for "Moist Minstrel"Edit

Alexandra flatters Albert on his guitar playing and takes him to a costume shop for a rock n' roll makeover. She takes him to the park for a public performance; but when he sings about his and Josie's wedding, she pushes him off a bridge.

Appearing in "Soup=er Duper!"Edit

  • L'il Jinx
  • Greg

Synopsis for "Soup=er Duper!"Edit

Jinx tries making vegetable soup with vegetable seeds.

Appearing in "The Song is Ended"Edit

Synopsis for "The Song is Ended"Edit

Melody and Pepper fish Albert out of the river, and he goes off to compose a song about it. Josie is upset that he's still paying too much attention to the guitar, but is assured that it's just a phase. The girls are accosted by some punks; Albert arrives and fends them off with his guitar. Josie embraces him, but he immediately goes off again to write a song about that incident.


This issue includes a brief article on model car racing ('Mighty Midgets').


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