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Appearing in "The Unhappy Hero"Edit

Synopsis for "The Unhappy Hero"Edit

Albert tries to play guitar for Josie, but Alex interrupts him. They fight, and Albert storms away, forgetting his guitar. Alex throws it to him, distracting Albert long enough to prevent him from walking into the path of a speeding car. Albert is so grateful he concedes Josie to him; however, he later shows up and interrupts their date in order to serve him further.

Appearing in "Saved by the Belle"Edit

Synopsis for "Saved by the Belle"Edit

Albert continues to follow Alex and offer unwanted help. Alex gets the idea to save Albert's life, nullifying his own save.

Appearing in "And Away we Go"Edit

Synopsis for "And Away we Go"Edit

Alex pretend to drown, but when Albert goes to save him, Alex winds up having to save him. When Albert goes to get a hot dog for Alex, Alex and Josie flee on a speedboat.

Appearing in "A Fishy Tale"Edit

  • L'il Jinx
  • Jinx's Father

Synopsis for "A Fishy Tale"Edit

Jinx's father has her take a photo of him with a giant inflatable fish.

Appearing in "Happy Ending"Edit

Synopsis for "Happy Ending"Edit

Albert follows Alex and Josie in a speedboat. They head to an island, where Alex slips, with Albert catching him. This cancels the debt; however, Alex then catches Melody, so now she owes him her life.


This issue includes a brief article on the American Indian.


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