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Appearing in "You're the Tops"Edit

Synopsis for "You're the Tops"Edit

Josie, Melody, Pepper, Albert, and Alex collect Crispy Crunchy cereal box tops in order to win a trip to the World's Fair. Alex buys a whole warehouse of cereal and turns his pool into a giant cereal bowl for neighborhood kids. However, as it turns out, the contest was to collect Krunchy Krispy box tops.

Appearing in "A Run for Your Money"Edit

Synopsis for "A Run for Your Money"Edit

Alexander decides to just buy them all tickets for the World's Fair. There, he loses his wallet, which is picked up by a kid in a cowboy hat. After chasing him around the fair, they finally catch him, only to discover that he's given the wallet to his mother.

Appearing in "Fair Play"Edit

Synopsis for "Fair Play"Edit

The gang searches for the mother; she has already given the wallet to a policeman, but luckily, they quickly locate him and retrieve Alex's wallet.

Appearing in "A Sun Plan!"Edit

  • L'il Jinx
  • Greg

Synopsis for "A Sun Plan!"Edit

Jinx invites Greg to the beach. Greg is reluctant because he always sunburns; Jinx has him put on a scuba outfit to remedy this.

Appearing in "Cereal Story"Edit

Synopsis for "Cereal Story"Edit

A tired, cranky gang are sick of the fair and so head home. A representative from Crispy Crunchy cereal arrives to tell them that Alex's giant cereal bowl was great publicity for them and offers them free tickets to the fair. The gang decide they're no so sick of the fair after all.


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