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The Archies in Jugman is a 2002 animated television film produced by DIC Entertainment and was first shown on Nickelodeon Sunday Movie Toons in the United States. It is a continuation of the animated television series Archie's Weird Mysteries. Some would say that this was the show's series finale as the original show didn't actually make a note of it. So this may have been created to give the show proper closure.


A caveman from prehistoric times who looks like Jughead (which is why he's called JugMan, has been melted from underneath the Riverdale High School. He and his pet woolly mammoth soon run amuck. JugMan even develops a crush on Betty. Reggie tries to profit off of them but to no avail. Other forms of chaos ensued throughout this film.


  • Andrew Rannells as Archie Andrews
  • America Young as Betty Cooper and Oompa
  • Camille Schmidt as Veronica Lodge and her Cave Ancestor
  • Chris Lundquist as Jughead Jones and Jugman
  • Paul Sosso as Reggie Mantle
  • Ben Beck as Dilton Doiley
  • Jerry Longe as Moose
  • Jill Anderson as Midge
  • Anadelia Lamas as Lana Manana
  • Ryle Smith as Pop Tate
  • Tony Wike as Mr. Weatherbee
  • John Michael Lee as Mr. Lodge
  • Kim Carlson as Mr. Weatherbee
  • Matt Kamprath as Coach Kleats
  • Nils Haaland as Bits