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Wendy Weatherbee
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Wendy Weatherbee

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Wendy "WW (or Double W)" Weatherbee, created by artist Fernando Ruiz and editor Nelson Ribeiro, is the creative and eccentric niece[1] of the principal of Riverdale High School, Waldo Weatherbee. She first appeared in Tales From Riverdale Digest #10. At first, Veronica thought she was too quirky, but Betty liked her. She likes to call herself WW. She likes being an individualist. She belongs to an entomology club, has an odd sense of fashion, and keeps eccentric pets, including a tarantula named Tara and an iguana. She also has her own website of her likes and dislikes.

Once the boys found out that she was Mr. Weatherbee's niece, they avoided her. The key factor to Wendy's character is that despite her attractiveness, she has a hard time finding a date due to her relation with the principal. Wendy once tried to get Jughead to like her in Jughead and Friends #12 (his individualism was just the sort of thing that interested her). Other potential love interests have included Dilton Doiley, and Bingo Wilkin; however, the stories involving these were one-off plots, no one has become her official boyfriend. Nevertheless, she and Jughead have become friends.

Her father, Tony, who is Mr. Weatherbee's twin brother, appears in Tales From Riverdale #28. The Weatherbee twins grew up very different. While Waldo was studious and serious, Tony was more interested in socializing and motorcycle riding. In the end, he started a family and a successful motorcycle business, but he and his brother fell out of touch due to their strained relationship. However, after Wendy was introduced, they put aside their differences and are growing close again. It's been rumored on the social media platform Instagram by many Riverdale "Fan Accounts" that Suryah Grant will be making an appearance on Riverdale as Wendy Weatherbee. Neither Suryah Grant or Showrunner Roberto Aguirre Sacasa has made a statement rendering this rumor to be true.



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